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The ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri) company is a Swedish-Swiss conglomerate headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. Of the World's Most Admired Companies in the Fortune 500 global list for 2016, ABB was ranked 286th. They are a pioneering technology leader in robotics and motion, power grids, industrial automation, and electrification products.

ABB is one of the largest engineering companies in the world today, with operations in over 100 countries and they employ over 134,000 people. As of 2017, their yearly revenue was $34.312 billion in US dollars.

ABB's history goes all the way back to the late 19th century, as an electric light and generator company. With a series of innovative acquisitions that started in the last decade of the 20th century and on into the 21st century, ABB has climbed into the global powerhouse they are today.

In 2011, ABB acquired Baldor Electric USA for $4.2 billion. In 2012, they acquired Thomas & Betts in a $3.9 billion all-cash transaction. In September 2017, ABB bought GE Industrial Solutions for $2.6 billion.

ABB offers an overall global range of motors and generators that are both reliable and high efficiency. The company offers the following:

Synchronous motors

ABB is THE market leader for all synchronous motors. They have clients all around the globe and supply many industries such as marine, industrial, offshore, and many specialized divisions. As with all of ABB's motors, these also fall within the company's global network where maintenance programs help to maintain their operability for their lifespans.

IEC Low voltage motors

IEC low voltage motors are used for high-productivity demands because of their  energy-efficient capabilities. These motors are also serviced through the company, which provides quality products and energy solutions.

High Voltage induction motors

Nothing says branding quite like a high voltage induction motor from ABB. The company has been manufacturing these motors for over 125 years and because of that experience ABB stands second to none in the induction motor industry. These types of induction motors include rib-cooled motors, modular slip-ring motors and modular welded frame motors all with different cooling options. High-voltage induction motors are available as N-series general purpose and A-series engineered motors.

DMI DC motors

This type of motor provides a higher output performance over a wide speed range, which makes it easier to maintain as compared to conventional DC motors. The DMI DC motor features extended speed range capabilities, reduced commutator diameters which result in lower peripheral speeds, high quality bearings with long lubrication intervals and mechanical brush wear monitoring systems. This type of motor is easy to integrate into almost any application.

NEMA Low voltage AC motors

The company offers NEMA low voltage AC motors which offer the broadest line of energy-efficient NEMA motors to meet any application need. These motors all exceed NEMA energy-efficient levels because they are built with the greatest of reliability. There are motors available from stock or ABB can custom design for you. Applications range from general purpose to the harshest of environments.


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