Condition Based Lubrication

Revolutionizing how bearings are monitored and lubricated
Prevent lubrication-based failures, reduce downtime,
and ensure that bearing maintenance always gets done!

Condition based lubrication powered by real time data

Why Ultrasound? How it works

Condition based lubrication dashboard

Early iteration of a bearing repairing itself!

Using ultrasound technology, lubrication is automatically performed based on real time data that asses the condition of the bearing.

Plug & play solution ensures that bearing maintenance always gets done.

Set It & Forget It!

Baseline is set at normal operating conditions
Ultrasound sensors monitor dB (friction) in real time and asses bearing health
Lube Logic algorithm analyses data in real time and takes corrective action
Bearings are autonomously lubricated at the right time, with the exact amount needed

Solution Benefits

  • Convenience

    Reduce manual workload and continuous in-person checkups. Solution ideal for remote, constricted and hard to reach areas.

  • Reduced downtime

    Actively prevent lubrication-based failures to keep your plant running.

  • ROI

    Increase the life of your bearings, reduce operational costs and optimize energy use.

  • Easy to scale

    Monitor up to 100 bearings with a single controller within 10 KM line of sight range.

  • Bearing health

    Detect other bearing issues with condition monitoring.

Condition based lubrication motor

Product Offering

Single-Point Lubrication

Single point condition based lubrication
  • Notifications

    System sends an alert when the lube reservoir needs to be replenished or when a bearing issue is detected

  • Install

    Ultrasound sensors are affixed to the bearings (drill & tap or epoxy) and Autolubers are screwed into the grease fitting

  • Convenience

    Autolubers have grease pouches for easy replenishment

Multi-Zone Lubrication

  • Precision Lubrication

    System only greases the lube points that need to be lubricated

  • Flexibility

    Solution enables user to autonomously lubricate multiple lube points, or the entire system, based on condition

  • Notifications

    System sends an alert when the lube reservoir needs to be replenished or when a bearing issue is detected

Software Benefits

Monitor bearing condition
wherever you are, 24/7
Live dashboards
Trend issues and make split second decisions to keep your plant running
Automatically or manually lube your assets through the cloud
Get notified when it is time to replenish the lube reservoir
Via text or email, in real time, when a bearing issue is detected
Asset Health
Trend bearing condition
Lube Logic will enable
your bearings to repair themselves powered by
real time data

Real Time Monitoring, Precision Lubrication

Condition based lubrication dashboard and hardware
Intuitive, easy to use interface provides actionable insights

Our customers are saying

"Thanks to Industrial Matrix, we received a real time notification that enabled us to prevent a catastrophic bearing failure. That alone will pay for several years of Predictive Maintenance and LubeMatrix."

Glynn Lewis, Maintenance Inspector LafargeHolcim

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