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Who we are

  • Origins

    Industrial Matrix was founded in 2016 as a motor search and crossover system. Our first product, Motor Search, is still in high demand and fully operational.

  • Today

    Industrial Matrix is a tech company that provides disruptive digital solutions, offering an all-encompassing asset management and predictive maintenance platform for industrial manufacturing facilities.

  • Building Tomorrow

    Industrial Matrix is developing groundbreaking innovations that will shape the digitization of the factory and redefine the future of industry.

What we do

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Enable industrial manufacturing facilities to prevent catastrophic failures in real time, maximize asset utilization and reduce operational costs.

How we do it

  • Platform
    Sensors capture
    real time data
    Proprietary algorithms
    process information
    Live Dashboards
    Analysis is displayed in live dashboards through an easy-to-understand color coded system that provides actionable insights
    When an issue is detected, notifications are sent via text or email in real time
    Corrective Action
    System provides a list of possible problems to help determine corrective action and
    prevent failures
    Our predictive maintenance solutions are easy to deploy, simple to scale and intuitive to use, enabling customers
    to prevent failures in real time, strengthen the reliability of their operation and increase asset lifetime.
  • Path to success
    Install Implementation
    Follow Up
    Program Expansion
    Value Creation
    We ensure that our customers make the most of our solutions and add value to their business operations through tailored implementation plans that include onboarding, training and follow up meetings. The process drives high adoption rates and rapid ROI.

Platform Overview - Modules

Industrial Matrix offers an all-immersive asset management and predictive maintenance solution through four integrated modules:
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