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Siemens is today a global powerhouse focusing on areas such as digitalization, automation and electrification. A German conglomerate company, headquartered in Berlin and Munich, Germany, Siemens has been around since 1847. Siemens and its subsidiaries employ approximately 372,000 employees worldwide and in 2017 their reported global revenue was €83 billion. They operate in over 200 countries and regions.


The major divisions within the company are Industry, Energy, Healthcare and Infrastructure & Cities. Their Industrial Automation Division is their most profitable unit. Through mergers and acquisitions, Siemens has readied itself for the 21st century.

Of all electric motors worldwide, Siemens offers the most comprehensive range. Motors run all the way from energy efficient low-voltage motors, through highly dynamic servomotors, reliable DC motors and powerful high-voltage motors. The new name for Siemens AC motors is SIMOTICS. 


SIMOTICS industrial electric motors provide customers with the optimum solution for every application. With a Siemens electric motor, you are capable of always achieving the highest efficiency level.

SIMOTICS electric motors include:


  • Efficient induction motors for pumps, fans and compressors

  • Precise motion control motors with high performance and handling

  • DC motors and persuasive high-voltage motors for use in compressors in the oil and gas industry, ore mills, rolling mills and ships

  • Severe duty and explosion proof motors for some of the world's toughest operating environments

High Voltage Motors

The company's high voltage motors that are available offer power range up to 100 MW and higher. They are  available in any imaginable configuration. With our high voltage motors, you have great flexibility. There is your choice of several cooling systems and degrees of protection, where our motors are suitably used in not only hazardous areas but threatening environments. 

Low Voltage Motors

Low voltage motor products which Siemens offers cover a performance range of up to 4000 kW. AC motor systems are highly efficient, and they come with a positive energy balance, explosion protection that meet all high safety standards, and they conform to IEC or NEMA standards. Low voltage motors come with many features which are standard, and which only add to the cost-effectiveness at its highest level.
DC Motors


The world as we know it today wouldn't be what it is without the DC motor. These motors have proven themselves in day-to-day use because of their extraordinary reliability. When you are looking for cost-effective drive performance coupled with the highest possible level of availability, look no further than a Siemens DC motor for an ideal system.

Motion Control Motors
When you are looking for the optimum motor for your motion control application, look no further than Siemens. Here you will find the world's largest selection of motion control motors; with or without gear units, and synchronous or asynchronous. Every Siemens motor for motion control is perfectly matched to operate with our SIMANICS frequency converters. Every motor is designed for compact design and high efficiency. There are many installation sizes to choose from as well as a wide range of performance classes.

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