The IndustrialMatrixTM Platform

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An all-encompassing Asset Management
and Predictive Maintenance solution

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LubeMatrix -

Condition Based Lubrication

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PDMMatrix -

Predictive Maintenance

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DrivesMatrix -

Remote Monitoring & Troubleshooting

PDMMatrixTM module -

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce downtime, increase asset lifetime
and strengthen the reliability of your operation

Predictive maintenance dashboard
Live dashboards
Trend issues and make split second decisions to keep your plant running
Via text or email, in real time, when an issue is detected
Actionable insights
Once an anomaly is found, the system provides a list of possible problems to help determine corrective action
Seamless deployment
Machine learning capabilities set equipment threshold autonomously in 24-48 hours
Easy to scale
Our sensor solutions are designed to expand easily, as required by your changing business needs
Compare feature
Side by side analysis between assets to trend equipment condition and output

AssetMatrixTM module -

Asset Management

Never again be sidelined
without a spare
or a crossover for critical equipment

Asset management dashboard
Asset data online
All equipment data is digitized for you and can be easily accessed through our platform
Simplified asset search
Using our platform, search for any asset in the plant and get full specs
Avoid downtime
Identify crossovers, spares and equipment in the store room or in use on other machines
Inventory optimization
Spot and remove obsolete inventory

LubeMatrixTM module -

Condition based lubrication powered by real time data

Prevent lubrication-based failures,
reduce downtime and ensure that bearing maintenance always gets done

Condition based lubrication dashboard
Is set at normal
operating conditions
Ultrasound sensors monitor bearing’s dB (friction) in real time and identify when they need
to be lubricated
Lube Logic algorithm analyses data in real time and takes corrective action
Bearings are autonomously lubricated at the right time, with the exact amount needed

DrivesMatrixTM module -

The future of industry is here

Connect any machine in your plant
online through DrivesMatrix

Remote monitoring and troubleshooting dashboard
Remote Monitoring
Track +1000 parameters, including speed, power, current, torque, frequency and status
Setup thresholds, warnings and alerts levels. Get notified in real time, via text or email, when an issue is detected
Remote Troubleshooting
Resolve issues remotely by updating parameters online, reducing downtime and operational costs
Easy to deploy & scale
Add an edge gateway to a PLC or Drives and automatically put an entire machine online
Add DrivesMatrix to existing equipment in the field

Motor Search

Find electric motors
and get full specs

Search motors, identify crossovers and compare features between brands

Precision search
Find motors using keywords or with the drop down menu
Compare motors across brands
Add up to five different motors and compare features side by side
Identify crossovers
Search for a motor and get a comprehensive list of possible crossovers
Motor specification sheets
Find a motor, get full specs and quickly download in a PDF document
Dimensional drawings
Most motors in the search engine come with the manufacturer’s dimensional drawings. They can easily be retrieved and even downloaded in a PDF document
Try it here!

Our customers are saying

"Thanks to Industrial Matrix, we received a real time notification that enabled us to prevent a catastrophic bearing failure. That alone will pay for several years of Predictive Maintenance and LubeMatrix."

Glynn Lewis, Maintenance Inspector LafargeHolcim

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